Tom Cooreman

Drawing on my 15+ years' progressive professional experience as Legal Director, CLO, Head of Legal/Compliance/Risk/Privacy in different companies and institutions, I offer professional legal counsel and management advice to individuals and private corporations while continuously creating pragmatic legal and corporate solutions based upon sound and resourceful strategies. To achieve success as a leader, I provide support to outside legal professionals.

The foundation of my career is reinforced by my attainment of diverse academic qualifications. In addition to this, my diverse industry experience has equipped me to skillfully navigate scores of intricate corporate operations and become a successful director/people manager in different sectors.

Possess an aptitude for delivering console and support to individuals and private corporations. Maximize collaborations with legal experts to take on complex legal matters and cases and consistently reach gainful settlements and satisfactory verdicts. Skilled polyglot (Dutch, French, English) with proficiency in interacting with international professionals. (International) Business Development driven by strong people management skills. Generalist with specialisations in business law, financial law and privacy.